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Contract manufacturing cutting and make-to-order production - Machining of heavy parts

Short delivery times and continuously high quality are the characteristics of our single-part production or contract manufacturing cutting / make-to-order production

No matter if according to your drawings or according to samples, due to our high in-house manufacturing and the order processing specialized in contract manufacturing cutting, we are able to manufacture your components quickly.

All processing steps necessary for contract manufacturing production such as burning, blasting, welding, cutting, varnishing, assembling and testing are carried out by our qualified skilled workers on crane-equipped production areas of more than 7,200m2.

Machines for the contract manufacturing production - Machining of heavy parts

Boring mills, lathes, milling machines, honing machines, balancing machines, ….

Contract manufacturing honing - we hone series and single parts

In our honing center, we hone serial parts as well as single parts. When being necessary for your manufacturing process, our honing capacities are also available at short notice.

Bohrwerksbearbeitung Lohnbearbeitung




Fräsen Lohnbearbeitung


Dynamisch Auswuchten bis 10 Tonnen


Honen Lohnhonen große Maschine


Zertifizierter Stahlbau, Schweissfachbetrieb


Certified steel construction up to 20 t unit weight

Our steel construction approved according to DIN EN ISO 18800-7, DIN 15018 and DIN 4132 enables us to supply you also mechanically machined welded constructions up to 20 t single weight in the shortest possible time (contract manufacturing production of welded constructions, rough-machined or mechanically machined).

The approval according to DIN EN 15085-2 for welding rail-bound vehicles and rail-bound vehicle parts allows us also to carry out work on components for railways.

Balancing service / Contract manufacturing balancing up to 10 t single weight

No matter if you want to have a single rotor or a series being balanced reliably and precisely, we will support you with our balancing service / contract manufacturing balancing service fast and at low costs.

We dispose of the balancing technology / balancing machines (Schenk and others) for balancing your components dynamically. More information concerning balancing are to be taken from here.

Maschinen(-teile) nach
Zeichnungen oder Muster
Bohrwerksarbeiten bis 20 Tonnen
max. x=12.000 y=2.000 mm
Drehen, CNC und konventionell
max. Drehlänge 4.000 mm
Fräsen, CNC und konventionell
max. x=2.000 y=1600 z=1.500 mm
Honen bis 9.000 mm senkrecht, diverse Honmaschinen mit Verschiebetisch
Montagen von Maschinen / Baugruppen bis 30 Tonnen
Schweißen, alle Verfahren,
max. Stückgewichte bis 20 Tonnen
Stahlbau mit Gr. Eignungsnachweis und C2 Zulassung für rollendes Gut (Bahn)
Strahlen (Freistrahlen bis 3.000 x 5.000 mm, Durchlaufstrahlen, Glasperlstrahlen)
Wuchten bis max. 10 t Stückgewicht, Lmax 6.000mm, Dmax 2.100 mm

Large balancing machine:

Rotormasse:  300 – 10.000 kg
max. Rotor Ø:  2.100 mm
max. Abstand zwischen
den Lagerständern:  5.700 mm

Kleine Wuchtmmaschine:

Rotormasse:  10 – 3.000 kg
max. Rotor Ø:  1.600 mm
max. Abstand zwischen
den Lagerständern:  2.770 mm

In addition to manufacturing the components, we have also been taking over the assembly, test run and commissioning of special machines, functional assemblies and complete systems since 1969.

Balancing service / Contract manufacturing balancing

Contract manufacturing / machining in NRW, turning, milling, drilling, welding, machining of large parts

More details concerning our division – contract manufacturing production / contract manufacturing machining- of drawing-dependent components are to be taken from our topic page under: