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Repair of gearboxes in our works in Moers

Our extensive technical equipment for gearbox repair as well as our supplier network enable us to repair industrial gearboxes of up to 30 t unit weight (in case of partial assembly or disassembly also more than 30 t total weight) as good as new.

When repairing gearboxes, we use exclusively bearings from well-known bearing manufacturers and tested materials for the manufacture of gear parts.

If necessary, we use, for repairing gearboxes, original spare parts from the respective manufacturer.

MetalSCAN Sensor zur online Getriebeüberwachung, Erkennung von Getriebeschäden, Lagerschäden, Verzahnungsschäden

Flyer momac gearbox service / gearbox repair

Further information about our range of performances concerning gearbox service and gearbox repair are to be taken from our PDF flyer for downloading.

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Performances concerning our gearbox repair from A – Z

  • Assembly and disassembly of the gearbox
  • Condition monitoring systems for gearboxes (CMS)
  • Disassembly of gearboxes
  • Endoscopy of gearboxes
  • Spare parts for gearboxes
  • Failure diagnoses on gearboxes
  • General overhauling / gearbox revision
  • Gearbox optimizations / gearbox alterations
  • Gearbox repair work / gearbox overhauling
  • Reconditioning / maintenance of gearboxes
  • Inspection of gearboxes
  • Replacement / exchange of bearings
  • Bearing optimization on gearboxes
  • Power adaption of gearboxes
  • MetalSCAN 3000 Online Condition Monitoring for gearboxes (CMS)
  • Assembly of gearboxes
  • By-flow filtering units for gearboxes
  • Oil samples / oil analyses on gearboxes
  • Re-engineering of gearboxes
  • Damage analyses on gearboxes
  • Weak spot elimination on gearboxes
  • Video endoscopy on gearboxes
  • On-site repairs of gearboxes
  • Condition monitoring of gearboxes
  • State monitoring of gearboxes

Industries for which we repair and recondition gearboxes (extract)

Railway, mining, chemicals, energy industry, potash and salt, crane and conveyor technology, plastics industry, foodstuffs industry, marine / ship technology, machine construction, food-processing industry, paper and pulp industry, steel industry, stone / earth, opencast mining, environment and waste water technology, water treatment, water management, wind power technology, cement industry, sugar industry

Overview gearbox manufacturers of which we repair gearboxes (extract)

ASUG ®, Bauer ®, Benseler®, Bockwoldt®, Bonfigioli ®, DBT®, Demag®, Dempewolf ®, Eickhoff®, Flender®, Hansen®, Hellwig & Offermann ®,Hueber Baacke ®, Jake® (Jahnel-Kestermann®), Kumera®, Lohmann & Stolterfoht®, Moventas® (Metso Drives®/Valmet®), Ostermann ®, Passavant®, Pekrun ®, PWH Weserhütte AG®,  Renk®, Rexroth®, Santasalo ®, August Seegers®, SAWA / Sauerwald®, SEW Eurodrive®, SIG®,  TGW (Thyssen Getriebewerke)®, P.I.V ®, Rossi®, Voith®, Walther Flender®, Wülfel®, WGW (Westdeutsche Getriebewerke) ®, ZAE®, ZF®, Zollern® (Dorstener®) and others.

We also carry out repair work on gearboxes of manufacturers which are not explicitly mentioned here. The names marked with ® are trademarks of the respective companies.

Tested quality

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 as well as NLF/ISO OSH 2001

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Repair of industrial gearboxes, special gearboxes from all manufacturers

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