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Cross-manufacturer maintenance of gearboxes - high-grade and sustainable

This is your demand and our competence regarding industrial gearboxes

We undertake gearbox maintenance, inspection and repair as well as disassembly and reassembly of industrial gearboxes of almost all manufacturers in your plant.

We execute damage analyses on your gearboxes, identify the causes of gearbox damages and suggest possible improvements for implementing them together with you.

As a tradition-conscious and future-oriented company, we have the ambition to accompany you actively in the maintenance of your industrial gearboxes and to set new standards for quality, machining time as well as concerning our service.

Benefit from our more than 40 years of knowledge and experience concerning cross-manufacturer maintenance and repair of gearboxes.

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Service and maintenance of gearboxes

  • Gearbox inspection / gearbox revision
  • Gearbox service / gearbox maintenance
  • Endoscopy / video endoscopy
  • Vibration measurement / vibration analysis
  • Oil analyses / oil changes
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Repair of gearboxes

  • Gearbox repair on site
  • Gearbox disassembly/gearbox reassembly
  • Gearbox corrective maintenance
  • Gearbox overhaul / gearbox revision
  • Gearbox damage analyses

Alteration / new construction of gearboxes

  • Alteration of special gearboxes
  • New construction of special gearboxes
MetalSCAN Getriebe Online CMS

MetalSCAN Gearbox monitoring

  • Effective and reliable online monitoring
  • No extensive analysis by experts
  • No operating costs
  • Easy retrofitting in the lubrication system
  • Early detection of initial damage
  • Forecast of residual time
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Gearbox endoscopy

  • Optical gearbox inspection / state inspection
  • Access through small openings
  • Detection of bearing damage and gearbox damage
  • Illustrated state report of the gearbox
  • Assessment of the repair possibilities

Gearbox spare parts

  • Special bearings / bearing sets
  • Wheel sets / gear sets / gearwheels
    according to sample, drawing or re-engineering
  • Spare gearboxes / exchange gearboxes

Industries for which we repair and repair gearboxes (extract)

Railway, mining, chemistry, energy, potash and salt, crane and conveyor technology, plastics industry, food industry, marine / ship technology, mechanical engineering, food industry, paper and pulp industry, steel industry, stone / earth, open-cast mining, environment and waste water technology, water treatment, water management, Wind power engineering, cement industry, sugar industry

Overview gearbox manufacturers whose gearbox we repair (extract)

ASUG®, Bauer®, Benseler®, Bockwoldt®, Bonfigioli®, DBT®, Demag®, Dempewolf®, Eickhoff®, Flender®, Hansen®, Hellwig & Offermann®, Hueber Baacke®, Jake® (Jahnel-Kestermann®), Kumera®, Lohmann & Stolterfoht®, Moventas® (Metso Drives® / Valmet®), Ostermann®, Passavant®, Pekrun®, PWH Weserhütte AG®, Renk®, Rexroth®, Santasalo®, August Seegers®, SAWA / Sauerwald®, SEW Eurodrive®, SIG®, TGW (Thyssen Getriebewerke)®, P.I.V®, Rossi®, Voith®, Walther Flender®, Wülfel®, WGW (Westdeutsche Getriebewerke)®, ZAE®, ZF®, Zollern® (Dorstener®) u.a.

We also carry out gearbox repairs on gearboxes from manufacturers that are not explicitly mentioned here.
The names marked with ® are trademarks of the respective companies.

Repair of industrial gearboxes, special gearboxes from all manufacturers

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