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Wage-band honing - We hone serial and single parts

We hone serial parts as well as single parts in our honing center. When required for your manufacturing process, our honing capacities are available also for short time.

Vertical honing machines

We hone exclusively on vertical honing machines.
Therefore we achieve a high precision even with long components.

Honing diameters / honing lengths:

32 mm – 300 mm / max. 1.800 mm
60 mm – 350 mm / max. 6.000 mm
– 800 mm / max. 2.800 mm
Larger diameters and lengths according to agreement

Roughness: up to less than 0.4 µm / Ra, standard 0.8 µm / Ra

Materials:    Steel, stainless steel, alloyed and hardened steels,
as well as aluminium and nonferrous metals after special arrangement

We hone your ...

bores in
machine parts, sleeves, bushes, semi-finished tubes, cylinder liners, cylinder faces, cylinder tubes

Inquiry for offer

Do you want an offer about honing work from us? In that case, please send us:

  • the diameter of the bore to be honed with honing length
  • the original blank diameter
  • the material
  • the information whether it is a through hole or a blind hole
  • the number of pieces
  • the requested date   and
  • in case of repairs, the type and extent of damage

You will receive from us a precise offer immediately.

What is honing?

Honing is a metal-cutting fine machining process for almost all materials and represents the final manufacturing process in the production.

The purpose is the improvement of the dimensional and shape accuracy. Above all, the tribological characteristics shall be influenced positively.

With what will be honed?

The material will be abraded by means of abrasives (bonded grains) contained in honing sticks (also called honing stones) The same are always inserted in an adjustable and elastic carrier (also known as shoe).

The tool, also known as honing tool (honing head), moves in the longitudinal axis as well as in rotating position; therefore, a honed surface is usually recognizable by the cross hatch (cross cut). This cross hatch is characteristic for honing and improves the sliding properties due to the oil being collected in the small grooves. Furthermore, the roundness of the machined workpiece is improved significantly. During the working process will be rinsed thoroughly (mostly with honing oil) for preventing that the honing sticks clog up with grinding sludge.


When honing a bore, for example, the tool rotates around its own axis and is moved up and down, therefore oscillating, over the entire length of the bore.

By passing the same surface several times with opposite feed direction, there are resulting on the surface straight or elliptically crossing grooves being typical for honing and having an angle of approximately 45° for low cutting force.

An important application of honing is the so-called plateau honing being particularly important for machining cylinders.

Tested quality

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 as well as NLF/ISO OSH 2001

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