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Video endoscopy

The visual inspection by means of endoscopy or videoscopy of gearboxes as well as of all other machine components not being accessible from the outside is a fast, cost-effective and precise condition monitoring method for gearboxes.

The endoscopy of gearboxes provides a concrete statement concerning the condition of gearbox, inter alia of rolling bearings and gears, which could not be recognized without an extensive partial disassembly.
Thus, for example, planetary gearboxes can be examined for damage to planetary bearings or planetary gears. Long operational interruptions due to gearbox inspection are dropped.

Thanks to the latest generation of digital GE Everest endoscopes / videoscopes, used by us, we obtain pin-sharp images and films even through smallest openings (4mm).

In this connection we inspect, for example, the bearings, the teeth of pinions and gears as well as the running patterns on the tooth flanks in the gearbox. The degree of wear/degree of damage is documented in images or videos. The time required for inspecting a gearbox on site amounts to a few hours.

When having terminated the gearbox inspection, you will receive from us the results of the gearbox endoscopy in form of a meaningful finding/expert opinion containing the illustrated description of the found condition of the endoscoped gearbox as well as a recommendation for action.

Upon request, we also can submit to you an offer for gearbox overhaul / gearbox repair to be carried out which can be executed on site or at our repair works in Moers, in dependence on the gearbox damage detected.

That is what we understand by “Solutions from one and the same hand”.


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