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Robot grippers - Construction, Manufacturing and Adaption

You are planning

  • to modify your existing robot system and need for this purpose new robot grippers?
  • to grip new components with your robot cell or to improve the functionality of the gripper technique?

On basis of our many years of experience with various robot applications, we support you regarding

  • feasibility studies on robot grippers for gripping special components with robots
  • the construction of robot grippers, from the first design to the simulation of complex gripping situations with special robot grippers
  • the manufacturing of new robot grippers adapted to the gripping situation
  • the modification of existing robot grippers to meet new gripper requirements
  • the adaptation of the new robot grippers to your robot system   and
  • the programming / commissioning of the new robot grippers

This is custom heading element

Sometimes it is sufficient to manufacture only special gripper jaws, sometimes it is necessary to develop a new gripping strategy for which a new gripper system is to be designed. For this purpose are used frequently very different forms of gripper sensors and gripper changing systems.

In addition to the required reliability, the challenge concerning special gripper design and manufacture is often the required gripping speed for carrying out the handling activities.

Gripper technology - Core knowledge of handling and robotics technology

All handling techniques can only develop their full potential if the material to be handled can be grasped correctly. The gripper is the connection between gripped object and robot.

Many gripping tasks can be mastered with standardized grippers. But when gripping automatically more complex components or in case of production automation out of standard, special grippers / special designs are required frequently.

Gripper design, gripper control and sensors on the gripper are not only affected by the material to be handled and its “accessibility”, but also by the available space and last but not least by the respective production/environmental conditions.

Gripper construction, gripper production and installation from one and the same hand

momac Robotics is your partner for the

  • construction and development of all types of robot grippers
  • assembly and installation of the gripper equipment on existing systems  as well as
  • commissioning and training of the new gripper equipment
  • Single grippers
  • Double grippers
  • Finger grippers (one-finger grippers and multi-finger grippers)
  • Magnetic grippers
  • Vacuum grippers
  • Bin-picking grippers
  • Barrel grippers
  • Hot part grippers
  • Camera-guided grippers
  • Box grippers
  • Bag grippers
  • and others
  • thin blanks
  • flexible flat parts from the stack
  • in narrow rooms
  • metal sheets
  • wire coils
  • buckets
  • felloes
  • bottles
  • castings
  • hot parts
  • card boxes
  • card box blanks
  • small load carriers
  • packages and cardboards
  • wheels
  • tubes
  • firebricks
  • forgings
  • bricks
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Tested quality

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 as well as NLF/ISO OSH 2001

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